Give It Back, GE!

ge.jpgWhen the Obama administration rammed the 2009 stimulus bill through Congress, the package was loaded with payoffs for special interests. According to Recovery.Gov, General Electric received 47 stimulus grants totaling almost $100 million. Looks like CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s close relationship with President Obama paid off, literally.

The handouts did not stop there! This year GE got another $5 million from the Department of Energy. Corporate handouts distort the free market and harm American consumers. General Electric has been feasting on your hard earned money for years. It’s time to tell GE we can’t afford this, and demand our money back.

GE is a profitable company earning $16 billion in 2012 - they don't need our money! Your checkbook is not GE's credit card. President Obama won't stand up for us taxpayers, we need to do it ourselves.

Demand the corporate directors at General Electric return your tax dollars.


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Return Taxpayer Money Now

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an American taxpayer, I demand a return of the $100 million you received as part of the 2009 stimulus bill. General Electric did not earn that money meeting consumer demand. Those tax dollars came from your close relationship with President Obama and Washington. GE should be ashamed of this government handout kickback scheme.

Do the right thing. Return taxpayer money now.

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  • GE Corporate Directors