Stop RNC Disenfranchisement of Grassroots!

RNC Rule Change Support Grassroots

When the RNC passed their rule changes in August in order to consolidate power, they not only ignored their own regular order and processes but trampled on the will of the State Parties and grassroots activists who have helped re-populate the party with true fiscal conservatives like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.

In fact, Speaker Boehner gaveled down these rule changes even as he read a predetermined script off of a teleprompter. This is unacceptable.

The RNC must reverse these rule changes immediately. The changes, in part, removed the ability of State Parties to control their delegate selection process, giving all the power to a few lawyers and executives in the RNC. 

The future of the GOP depends in large part on its willingness to embrace the new decentralized nature of political organizing.  A reversal of the RNC rules power grab represents a good faith effort and would be a strong step towards mending the relationship between the Party and the grassroots activists they disenfranchised last year.  

Sign the petition and tell the RNC to reverse the rule changes and put the grassroots back in the driver's seat.


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Overturn the August Rule Changes!

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