So Much for Their Fair Share

Blaze O Staffers.jpgDo as I say, not as I do. According to the IRS, 40 of President Obama’s staffers owe an outrageous $330,000 in back taxes. All while the President scolds the so-called “one percent” for not doing their “fair share.” 

Apparently Obama thinks the rules don’t apply to his staffers. If 40 average Americans owed more than $300,000 to the IRS, they would be in a lot of trouble. If our President really believed that “America succeeds when everyone plays by the same rules,” he would insist that all his employees pay their taxes in full and on time.

Obama has once again put his political allies above the law. The American people need to stand up and demand a level playing field.

Send a message, and demand President Obama’s staffers play by the rules and pay their taxes.

Click here to read the full story on the Blaze.


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