Demand Boehner Defund ObamaCare

Boehner ObamaCare CR message.jpgCongress is set to vote on a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through September 2013 yet Speaker John Boehner is refusing to defund ObamaCare. For years Boehner criticized the new entitlement program as costly, burdensome, and disastrous for America’s health care choices. So why is he still providing funding for the law?

Under our Constitution, spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. This is the perfect opportunity to stop the increasingly unpopular health care law. So why are Boehner and the Republicans wasting the opportunity? Didn’t they regain the House of Representatives on the promise they would do everything possible to stop ObamaCare?

Send a message to Speaker Boehner right now and demand the Continuing Resolution defunds ObamaCare.


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No CR without Defunding ObamaCare!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As Speaker of the House, you should stand with the people. ObamaCare continues to be unpopular as taxes and health care premium payments keep rising.

You have spent your speakership criticizing the President's health care law. So why are you providing the funding for the new entitlement now?

With a national debt of almost $17 trillion, I urge you to take funding for ObamaCare out of the new Continuing Resolution.

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