Stay Out of My Email!

Obama2.jpgIn 2012 Government officials accessed over 30,000 Americans’ personal e-mail accounts.  They did this without a warrant or your permission.

Every year, the Obama Administration requests increasing amounts of private data on Americans. They do this with little oversight.

Enough is enough. The President had his way on taxes, stimulus spending, and ObamaCare.

We can’t let him take our internet freedom!

Demand John Boehner tell Obama to stay out of your email. The government has no business spying on Americans.


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Tell Obama to Stay out of My Email!

Dear [Decision Maker],

It has come to my attention that government officials are accessing the private emails of Americans without warrants. This is an outrageous violation of privacy. The government should not be snooping around in emails without a search warrant.

I demand that you do your duty as Speaker of the House and tell Obama to stay out of my email.

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