No More Subsidies: Eliminate the Wind Power Tax Credit

WindEnergy.jpgFor decades, the government has doled out billions of dollars in tax subsidies to the wind power industry. The program, called the Wind Production Tax Credit, has provided wind companies with a subsidy of $22 per megawatt-hour of energy generated since 1992. 

Originally intended to expire in 1999, Congress is currently debating an eighth extension of this harmful subsidy. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates a one-year extension would cost $12.1 billion.

Despite being propped up by hardworking taxpayers, the wind power industry has proven incapable of competing on the free market stage. Wind generates less than 3 percent of the nation’s power supply, and there are few signs of improvement in the near future.

Our government has a nasty habit of picking winners and losers – and the Wind Production Tax Credit is a sure-fire loser. Congress should allow the program to expire, and finally force wind power to stand on its own two feet.

Sign this petition and demand Congress stop propping up this wasteful special interest.


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