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Gov. Snyder.jpgMichigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed an historic Right-to-Work bill into law which allows workers to opt out of paying union dues. Many union members protested the measure and attempted to intimidate the Governor into vetoing the bill.

State Representative Doug Geiss stated on the Michigan House floor that “there will be blood” if the measure becomes law and his prediction came true. Violence has broken out and several supporters of Right-to-Work have been physically assaulted.

This thuggery shouldn’t be put up with. The right to work free of coercion is a human right. Being forced into paying union dues is a violation of the right of association. Governor Snyder is receiving an enormous amount pressure for his decision and needs to know that you are with him.

Tell the Governor you support his signing Right-to-Work into law.


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Support Right to Work!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing in support of your decision to sign Right-to-Work legislation into law. The violence many union members used to preserve the status quo is despicable. As a Michigan resident, I thank you for standing up to this thuggery.

States that have adopted Right-to-Work are more competitive when it comes to attracting outside investment. From a strictly economic perspective, allowing employees to opt out of paying union dues will do wonders for Michigan's economy.

The people of Michigan have already spoken and said that the "right" to collectively bargain should not be enshrined in the state's constitution. Thank you for standing by their decision and the legislature's and making Right-to-Work a law for all Michigan residents.

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