Tell Obama to Stand up for Worker Freedom

GM-Factory-Worker-Plant-Blaze.jpgPresident Obama seems to misunderstand the basic premise of right-to-work laws.

At a recent appearance, Obama said that when employees support right-to-work legislation, “what they’re really talking about is the right to work for less money.”

Of course, this could not be further from the truth. Right-to-work laws do not affect a union’s ability to collectively bargain. In reality, these laws simply allow workers to refuse to join a union and not pay the associated dues. It’s about letting free Americans have the right to choose, rather than being forced.

The very first Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans’ natural right to free association. Who does Obama think he is? How can the President of the United States help turn our economy around when he is beholden to the unions and misinformed about basic labor reforms?

Send a message to President Obama and let him know the truth about right-to-work laws.

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