Tell New York Governor To Stop Toll Hike

Cuomo.jpgIn the state of New York, the Thruway Authority is proposing a 45% toll hike on the trucking industry. Chairman of the Thruway Authority, Howard Milstein, calls the hike “modest” even as the New York State Motor Truck Association has stated that the tax would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

With the economy sputtering and new taxes on the horizon, the last thing New York should think about doing is raising tolls that will directly affect business.

Governor Andrew Cuomo claims New York is “open for business” but the Thruway Authority’s toll hike plan is thoroughly anti-business. A new tax would not only mean less employment opportunities for state residents but also further wear and tear of municipal roads not meant to facilitate truck traffic.

New York is already ranked last in the nation for being business-friendly. Tell Governor Cuomo to reverse this trend and say no to the toll hike.


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Stop the 45% Toll Hike on Trucks!

Dear [Decision Maker],

It has come to my attention that the Thruway Authority of New York is proposing a 45% toll hike on trucks. Such a tax will have both immediate and far-reaching implications. The New York State Motor Truck Association has said it will result in higher prices on consumer goods. If that isn't bad enough, state Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin points out a toll hike will cause trucks to avoid the Thruway which would result in less revenue and lead to greater wear and tear on local roads.

As Governor, you have the power to stop such an economy crippling tax.

New York is already considered the least business-friendly state in the country. A tax hike on the trucking industry will only make matters worse.

Stop trying to force New York residents to pay for further government spending they have been taxed enough already.

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