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Tell MS Officials: Hold Strong Against ObamaCare

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Governor Phil Bryant and top state officials in Mississippi appear to be holding strong against the health care takeover, but the coming weeks will test their mettle.

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney continues searching for sneaky loopholes to implement a health care exchange – undermining Mississippi’s elected officials and ignoring the will of the people in his state who have clearly oppose ObamaCare.

In response to 27 states refusing to set up health care exchanges, the federal government is attempting to cajole governors into federal-state “partnership exchanges.” The Obama administration claims this arrangement will allow for increased state control, but in reality, these partnership exchanges will be dominated by federal oversight.

It is crucial that the people of Mississippi send a message to their elected officials and urge them to hold strong against the Obama Administration and Mike Chaney. This is the last stand in the fight against ObamaCare; the best and final opportunity for Mississippi to resist the costly government health care takeover. 

Without the exchange, federal mandates won't be able to function, and the feds can’t distribute the necessary insurance subsidies in exchange-less states. ObamaCare will crumble, and Congress will then be forced to reexamine the law.

Send the form below or feel free to contact the governor, Speaker of the House, Senate President Pro Tempore, and Insurance Commissioner Chaney by phone to voice your concern:

Gov. Phil Bryant: (601) 359-3150

Speaker Philip Gunn: (601) 355-8321

Senate President Pro Tempore Terry Brown: (601) 359-3209

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney: (601) 359-3569


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