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Tell Your Governor to Stop Obamacare Exchanges

Governor Beshear.jpgGovernor Steve Beshear has indicated that he will work with the federal government to set up a new health insurance exchange as mandated by Obamacare. He is missing the last, best opportunity that Kentucky will have to resist the costly government takeover of your health care.

Without the exchange, federal mandates won't work and the feds cannot distribute the necessary insurance subsidies in exchange-less states. Obamacare falls apart. Congress will then be forced to revisit the law.

The only hope of preventing the largest expansion of government in recent history is for Governor Beshear to change his course and refuse to establish the exchange.

Tell Governor Beshear not to give in to unfunded mandates by establishing a state exchange in Kentucky. States have the power to stop this unconstitutional power-grab from Washington.

Time is running out. By December 14th, 2012, a final decision has to be made. The election may be over but Obamacare can still be stopped.

Send the form below or feel free to contact the Governor and your top state legislators by phone to voice your concern:

Gov. Steve Beshear: (502) 564-2611

Speaker Greg Stumbo: (502) 330-7791

Speaker Pro Tempore Larry Clark: (502) 564-7520

Rep. Bob Damron: (502) 564-2217

Senate President Pro Tempore Katie Stine: (502) 564-3120 


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Say No to the Obamacare Exchange!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Governor Beshear has opted to establish a state health insurance exchange to comply with Obamacare. As a citizen of Kentucky, I encourage you to say no to this mandate. If enough states opt out of the health care exchange that is the heart of ObamaCare, Congress will have no choice but to reexamine the law.

As a public official, you should stand by the people of Kentucky and ask Governor Beshear to opt out of creating a state health care exchange. We don't need the federal government interfering with our health care decisions. Kentucky businesses that don't offer health insurance will be fined, and many will leave the state. To run the exchange, taxpayers will pay millions of dollars so insurance companies can rake in easy profits.

Obamacare is the largest expansion of government in recent history and you have the power to stop it. If not for Kentucky residents, then for their children and grandchildren.

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