Stop the U.N. From Taking Over the Internet

U.N..pngFrom December 3 to the 14th, the International Telecommunications Union will be meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to discuss how to control and tax the internet. The ITU is a functioning arm of the United Nations and many member countries are lobbying for the international body to clamp down on internet freedom.

According to media executive L. Gordon Crovitz, “The self-regulating Internet means no one has to ask for permission to launch a website, and no government can tell network operators how to do their jobs.” Under the U.N. tutelage, this would all change. Government, not the people, would be in charge.

The decentralized nature of the internet is what makes it most appealing to liberty lovers. Maintaining this structure is necessary for a free society.

Keep the internet free. Tell your representatives to stop the International Telecommunications Union from regulating cyberspace.


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Stop the U.N. from Regulating the Internet!

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Starting December 3, 2012, the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union will be meeting in Dubai to discuss methods through which the internet can be controlled. For years, the international body has tried to bring the internet within its grasp and now it may actually have the support from member nations to do so.

Vint Cerf, one of the founders of the World Wide Web, says the ITU meeting in Dubai could "take away the Internet as you and I have known it."

Allowing an unaccountable U.N. bureaucracy to wield control over the internet is a violation of American sovereignty. More importantly, U.N. control would result in a less free, less open internet for all to enjoy.

As my voice in Washington, you should stop this hijacking of cyberspace and stand for internet freedom.

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