Tell Congress: Stay Out of My Email!

Sen. Leahy.jpgOn November 29th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a vote to amend language on a new cyber security measure (H.R. 2471) that would give law enforcement unprecedented access to private electronic communication.

The new language, written by Senator Patrick Leahy, would allow for over 22 federal government agencies to look at emails, Facebook wall posts, and Google Doc files without a search warrant. The revision would also allow for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to have full access to internet accounts without ever informing a judge or the owner.

Government should protect the right to privacy; not trample it.

Tell your representatives to keep the government out of your email. Tell them to vote no on Sen. Leahy’s federal power grab.


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Take a Stand for Privacy and Freedom!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am deeply concerned about revisions to H.R. 2471 that will greatly infringe on the privacy of my personal email accounts. After some last minute alterations to the legislation, over 20 government agencies will have the power to access email and social media correspondence without a warrant. I find this to be an outrageous violation of my right to privacy.

While I am certainly in favor of reforming the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, this most recent attempt does not go nearly far enough to protect individual liberties. In order for the government to access private communications or documents stored online, they should be required to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause.

Reforms to modernize current surveillance laws and strengthen individual freedoms are desperately needed. As currently written, H.R. 2471 is no friend of liberty, and neither will be any representative who votes for it.

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