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Gov. Martinez: Show Some Spine and Oppose ObamaCare


Governor Susana Martinez has signaled her intent to surrender to ObamaCare and establish an exchange in New Mexico. Last year, it appeared as though Gov. Martinez would hold strong – she even vetoed a bill that would have established an exchange. But she has since flip-flopped, and now appears willing to comply with the ObamaCare mandate.

It’s time to unleash the power and pressure of grassroots activists. Let Gov. Martinez know that you want no part of ObamaCare in New Mexico. Urge her to stick with her original decision and refuse to install an exchange.

This is the last stand in the fight against ObamaCare; the best and final opportunity for New Mexico to resist the costly government health care takeover. 

Without the exchange, federal mandates won't be able to function, and the feds can’t distribute the necessary insurance subsidies in exchange-less states. Obamacare will crumble, and Congress will then be forced to reexamine the law.

The only hope of preventing the largest expansion of government in recent history is for Gov. Martinez to change course – again – and refuse to establish any form of health care exchange. She must not relinquish the power to stop Washington’s unconstitutional power grab.

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