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Tell Your Governor and Top State Officials to Stop the Obamacare Exchange


Governor Branstad is surrendering to ObamaCare and has begun establishing an exchange. But the fight in Iowa is not over yet, since the legislature has not signaled if it will refuse to abide by the federal law. With enough grassroots pressure, Gov. Branstad may reverse his decision and stop installing the exchange.

It is crucial that the people of Iowa send a message to Gov. Branstad and their top state officials demanding they stand up against the federal takeover of health care. This may be the last stand in the fight against ObamaCare; the best and final opportunity for Iowa to resist the costly government health care takeover. 

Without the exchange, federal mandates won't be able to function, and the feds can’t distribute the necessary insurance subsidies in exchange-less states. ObamaCare will crumble, and Congress will then be forced to reexamine the law.

The only hope of preventing the largest expansion of government in recent history is for the governor and state legislature to change course and refuse to establish any form of health care exchange. Gov. Branstad, Speaker Paulsen, and Senate Pro Tempore Sodders all know the law is bad policy. They must not relinquish the power to stop Washington’s unconstitutional power grab.

Send the form below or feel free to contact the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President Pro Tempore by phone to voice your concern:

Governor Terry Brandstad, 515-281-5211

Speaker Kraig Paulsen - 319-294-2062

Senate President Pro Tempore Steven Sodders - 641-483-2383


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Say No to the Obamacare Exchange!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am deeply disappointed you have capitulated to the Obama administration and chosen to move forward with a health care exchange. It is not too late, however, to stand up for economic freedom and reverse your decision.

Please stand with the good people of Iowa who oppose this monstrosity of a law. We don't need the federal government interfering with our health care decisions.

ObamaCare is the largest expansion of government in recent history, and you have the power to help stop it. Please reverse course and say NO to a state health care exchange.

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