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Tell Your Governor and Top State Officials to Stand Strong On ObamaCare!


Thanks to Governor Daugaard, Speaker of the House Gosch, and Senate President Pro Tempore Michels, South Dakota is standing up to the largest expansion of government in recent expansion. By refusing to establish the health insurance exchange mandated by ObamaCare, South Dakota is throwing a wrench into the implementation of the law.

Without the exchange, federal mandates don't work and the feds cannot distribute the necessary insurance subsidies in exchange-less states. ObamaCare falls apart. Congress will then be forced to revisit the law.

The only problem is that states can still join with the federal government in a “partnership exchange.” In these partnership exchanges, the states retain authority in name only- feds still call the shots.

This is not the time for the grassroots to relent. Keep the pressure on the governor and your top state lawmakers to make sure they don’t fall for Washington’s bait. Send a message now! This is our last chance to stop ObamaCare!

Send the form below or feel free to contact your Governor, Speaker of House, and Senate Majority leader and encourage them to stand their ground:

 Governor Dennis Daugaard- 605-773-3212

Speaker of the House Brian Gosch- 605-773-3851

Senate President Pro Tempore Corey Brown- 605-773-3821


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Stand Strong on ObamaCare!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I just wanted to thank you for your standing up to Washington and ObamaCare. By refusing to establish a health insurance exchange, you are saving South Dakota from an unconstitutional and overly expensive law.

Because of your principled stance, the federal government will try to cajole you into setting up a "partnership exchange." I urge you not to give in to this bait-and-switch. The Department of Health and Human Services will try to make the partnership sound like a good deal for the states, but the federal government will always have the ultimate power over the exchanges. The states, meanwhile, get to bear the costs.

Please stay strong and don't fall for the "partnership exchange." Stand with the people of South Dakota and economic freedom!

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