Stop the War on Dishwashers

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Beginning in May 2013, all dishwashers produced will be limited to using only 5 gallons of water per load as compared to today’s limit of 6.5 gallons. These standards are supposed to reduce energy use while saving consumers money.

But as Sophie Miller of George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center documents, many dishwasher owners won’t experience the alleged cost-savings produced by the new regulations.  According to her testimony, “many of the benefits claimed by the Department will not materialize.”

When the government mandated efficiency standards for toilets in 1992, the result was new toilets clogging and overflowing.  After mandating that water heaters be installed with the default temperature of a paltry 120 degrees, the cleaning power of the water in your home was reduced drastically.  Now in the name of conservation, bureaucrats of the Department of Energy are enacting their own laws and restrictions. This is yet another example of the negative consequences which are the result of Washington overreach into the everyday lives of Americans.

Tell Congress to put a stop to the Department of Energy’s new, unaccountable dishwasher regulations today.


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Stop the Government's War on Dishwashers!

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Starting in May 2013, the Department of Energy will require that all new dishwashers produced or imported into the United States meet new efficiency standards. These new standards are meant to cut down on the amount of energy and water used per dish load. It is said that these regulations will save consumers money but recent research suggests this is not the case. According to Sophie Miller of George Washington University's Regulatory Study, the standards will be costly rather than cost-saving.

The DoE's new policies don't just stifle technological innovation by imposing a strict standard of performance; they trample on economic freedom. I don't need someone in Washington telling me what the appropriate amount of water is for use in my dishwasher.

As a member of Congress, it is your Constitutional duty to pass legislation; not the executive branch. I call on you to rein in the regulation coming out of the Department of Energy.

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