Stop the Soros European Bailouts

Blaze SorosEuropean socialism is imploding all over the continent; first Greece, now Spain. Billionaire liberal George Soros is advocating for more bailouts for these countries, rather than fiscal responsibility.

Sadly, the U.S. government has used American taxpayer dollars to fund these schemes in the past.

At a time when Americans are hurting from unemployment and a weak economy, we can't afford to bailout Europe.

Tell your Congressmen to keep OUR tax dollars for us, and stay out of this bailout.

Check out The Blaze article here.


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Keep Us Out of Euro Bailouts!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Debt-ridden countries like Spain have failed to control their spending, and new bailouts are being considered.

George Soros and his Keynesian buddies want to completely centralize Europe's banking system and bailout countries that have failed to rein-in spending.

As your constituent and a concerned citizen, I urge you to protect American taxpayers and keep the U.S. out of this scheme.

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