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$400k for a Fake Camel?

Crazy socialist Nancy Pelosi claims we can’t cut government spending. She actually said “There’s no more cuts to make.”

Then why are your tax dollars buying a $400,000 camel statue in Pakistan?

The truth is, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in government waste that can be cut immediately. But liberals and Big Government Republicans would rather waste your money on garbage rather than let you keep it.

The government has no right to waste your money on fake camels in Pakistan. This kind of spending is more than wasteful, it’s insulting.

Tell Congress enough is enough – stop wasting our money on garbage!


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Don't Waste my Money on Camel Statues

Dear [Decision Maker],

Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress are saying no cuts can be made to government spending.

Then why are we going to pay $400,000 for a fake camel in Pakistan?

My tax dollars are constantly going to wasteful projects. This fake camel is a clear example that we need major cutbacks in government spending.

I urge you to please cut wasteful spending!

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