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No More Funding for the IMF

The Obama Administration wants more money to give the International Monetary Fund. And some Democrat Senators might help make it happen.

This is ridiculous. Washington spends enough of your tax dollars. The IMF takes money from taxpayers and hands it over to crony interests. Not only does the IMF threaten the sovereignty of the United States, there is no way to ensure transparency for how it spends YOUR money.

The IMF shouldn’t get a dime more of your money. We need fiscal responsibility, not more bailouts.

Send a message to your Senators. Tell them more tax money going to the IMF is unacceptable. 


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No More Funding for the IMF

Dear [Decision Maker],

Obama wants to increase U.S. funding of the IMF - but we can't afford to keep giving it money. Washington has a $17 trillion debt. We need to start thinking of ways to cut spending not increase it.

Taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for a crony organization like the IMF.

As my Senator, I urge you to stand against any increase in IMF funding. We need to concentrate on our problems at home.

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