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Give Back the IRS Bonuses

The IRS is handing out tens of millions in taxpayer-funded bonuses to "boost morale."

This is OUTRAGEOUS.  The IRS has been illegally targeting conservatives in violation of the law.

Only in the loony world of the federal government does a national scandal give cause for generous bonuses. The employees who used government power to target their political enemies don't deserve bonuses. They deserve jail sentences.

Americans have had it with corruption like this. The IRS has no business giving its employees a bonus - especially after harassing political enemies.

Tell Congress to stop these IRS bonus payments and return the money to the taxpayers!


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No IRS Bonuses

Dear [Decision Maker],

The IRS is giving out tens of millions of dollars in bonuses to its employees in the wake of scandal.

The same employees who illegally targeted conservative groups will be rewarded for their shameful behavior.

The IRS says they're giving bonuses to "boost morale" at the tax agency. The IRS doesn't need morale - it needs to stop targeting its political opponents - regular people like me.

There should be no bonuses for an agency that was caught discriminating against its political enemies. I demand that these bonuses be returned to the people immediately.

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