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Stop the ObamaCare Bailout

The program requires millions of young, healthy people to sign up in order to stay funded. But young people aren't falling for it.

Now the Obama Administration is planning to bailout insurance companies with YOUR tax dollars!

Obama says his administration will give insurance companies new subsidies to cover their losses. Before you think these companies are innocent victims remember: many insurance companies lobbied FOR ObamaCare!

Congress must put a stop to this new bailout. We can't afford this payoff, and its unconstitutional.

Send a message to Congress right now: tell them to stop the new ObamaCare bailout!


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Stop the ObamaCare Bailout

Dear [Decision Maker],

ObamaCare is falling apart at the seams.

There aren't enough healthy people signing up to fund the program.

Now the Obama Administration says it will effectively socialize the health insurance industry. They are promising new subsidies to cover for the losses private insurance companies are facing.

As my Representative in Congress, you MUST stop this new bailout.

The American people have had enough. We are already suffering under Obama's economy. And more importantly, the government has no authority to take money from taxpayers to give to their friends in Big Business.

I demand a stop to this new ObamaCare bailout!

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