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Hands Off Trans Fat


Barack Obama administration is so power-hungry, he wants to take away your cookies and pies. That’s right, The Food and Drug Administration under President Obama is getting ready to ban trans fat in foods.

These bureaucrats actually think they have the right to tell you what you can have for desert. Right now they’re preparing to say you can’t use Trans Fats - next they’ll probably tell you how many cookies you can have.  Washington is totally out of control. Nowhere in the Constitution does the federal government have the authority to dictate your dessert.

Private companies are already eliminating artificial trans fat. Businesses don't need the government to outlaw the product – consumers were already deciding in the free marketplace.

Washington needs to keep its hands off your taste buds.

Sign the petition and tell the FDA – hands off our cookies! As human beings, we reserve the right to eat what we want.

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