No Special Treatment for Congress

vitter.jpgCongress should have to obey the same laws it passes.

Why is this such a hard concept to understand?

Congress passed ObamaCare against the will of the American people. Yet Congressmen and their staff lobbied the Obama Administration for a subsidy to protect themselves from ObamaCare’s astronomical costs. Regular Americans like you are left with the bill.

It’s time to end the unfairness. Senator Vitter and Representative DeSantis have both introduced measures that force Congress to live under ObamaCare.

Send a message to your Congressmen asking them to support the Vitter/DeSantis amendments. If you have to live under ObamaCare, so should the people who passed it.


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Congress Should Live Under Its Own Laws

Dear [Decision Maker],

As my elected representative, I urge you to support measures that ensure Congress has to live under ObamaCare. Both Senator Vitter and Representative DeSantis have introduced bills that get rid of Congress's special subsidy to offset ObamaCare's high costs.

If I have to pay full price for ObamaCare, so should you.

Equality under the law is an American tradition, and Congress should not get special treatment.

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