Keep Freedom of the Press!

Lindsey Graham ConvioWashington politicians are trying to destroy the First Amendment.

Obama allies Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer want the federal government to decide who is considered a "journalist." ONLY Government-approved journalists will keep their First Amendment rights. 

Everyone else will not be protected. 

This is just another attempt by the politicians to control what information you are allowed to hear. And another assault on our Constitutional rights. 

Freedom of the Press is among the rights included in the First Amendment. Enough is enough. 

Tell Congress: vote NO on any attacks on the First Amendment. 


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Hands Off the First Amendment

Dear [Decision Maker],

The politicians want to shred our First Amendment rights to a free press.

Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham want government bureaucrats to decide who is and who isn't a journalist. Journalists will get legal protection.

"Non-journalists" won't get First Amendment protections.

Politicians don't get to overturn the First Amendment. They don't have that power.

Vote against these attempts to water down yet another of our Constitutional Rights. Keep the press free.

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