No More ObamaCare Hypocrisy



That’s the only word that describes Capitol Hill staffers getting an exemption from ObamaCare’s harmful effects.

Congressmen and their staffs were supposed to suffer the same effects every other American will under ObamaCare.

But thanks to lobbying by President Obama, the Office of Personnel Management has declared Congressmen and their staff will get a special deal. Your Tax dollars will cover 75% of their health care costs. Normal Americans won’t get a deal this good under ObamaCare. Just Congress.

This isn’t right. It’s not fair. Our country is built on the principle that every American is equal under the law.

First Obama gave 1,200 ObamaCare waivers to his union cronies. Then he exempted his Big Business buddies. Now, the people who passed the law get special treatment. Why don’t you?

Tell your Senators and Representatives that if their staff gets a special deal, so should you. If ObamaCare is so great, the people who passed it should not be running away from it.


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No More ObamaCare Hypocrisy

Dear [Decision Maker],

I find it insulting that Congressional employees will still receive subsidies for their health insurance under ObamaCare. The Office of Personnel Management skirted the law to grant Congressmen and their staff a special exemption out of ObamaCare's harmful effects. As your constituent I demand the same treatment. If you and your staff do not have to live fully under ObamaCare, I shouldn't either.

This is outrageous. Congress should grant all Americans a waiver from ObamaCare's harmful effects by repealing, defunding, or delaying this train wreck of a law.

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