Defund ObamaCare Now


Harry Reid has called ObamaCare the first step toward a European style health care system. 

We must act now and end ObamaCare before it goes into full effect – before it devastates American families.

Send a message to your members of Congress and demand they join Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Meadow’s efforts to block funding for ObamaCare!

Proponents are calling it a “train wreck”, labor unions realize it will destroy their health care, Obama is backing away and giving exemptions to his Big Business buddies, and now the same Congressmen who foisted this monstrosity on us are getting a sweetheart deal that will protect them from ObamaCare’s true costs.

We cannot let Obama and Washington Insiders get away with breaking the law and playing favorites with our health care.

Tell your Representatives and Senators:  Enough is enough!

Hold them accountable and demand that they refuse to fund ObamaCare.


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End ObamaCare Now

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent I urge you to join with Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Mark Meadows and pledge to Defund ObamaCare. The health care law needs to be stopped before it harms the economy any further. The Obama Administration is already delaying key parts of the law and some Progressives are calling the program a "train wreck."

Now is the time to say no to the special deals. If Big Business and Congressional employees can have an ObamaCare exemption, the rest of the American people should not be forced to comply with the law either.

Pledge to Defund ObamaCare now before it's too late.

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