Holy Cow, What a Waste of Money

cowvision.jpgHave you ever wanted to feel like a cow? After nearly $750,000 of your wasted tax dollars, you can!

The federal government thought it was OK to spend your money on a system that lets people feel like cows. You read that right.

Nearly a million bucks so people can be a virtual-reality cow. Users walk around a room on all fours wearing a special helmet.  Cow-Vision?

Tell your Representatives to stop wasting your money on cow video games.


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Stop Wasting Money on Cow Vision

Dear [Decision Maker],

Why did Congress approve almost a million dollars for video games that let players be a cow? This is merely the latest example of the ridiculous spending coming from Washington. I demand you eliminate wasteful spending from the budget so that my tax dollars are not spent on utterly inane things like Cow-Vision.

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