Stop NSA Seizing of Phone Records

6.6.2013 uncle sam wire tap.jpgThe federal government is recording the phone records of every single Verizon Wireless user. In a top-secret court order, the National Security Agency forced the cell provider to hand over the records of private citizens.

This is a gross violation of every American's privacy - one that would have the architects of the Constitution spinning in their graves. The Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees the safety of American’s privacy from illegal searches and seizures.

This is out-of-control Big Government, pushing around private business to help establish an all-encompassing police state. Your person and property are supposed to be safe from government spying. We have to ask ourselves, why does the government need every records of phone calls for every single Verizon customer? What are they using it for?

The hallmark of every tyrannical government is the idea that all property can be seized by the government, at any time for any reason. The Founding Fathers understood that we, as Americans and human beings, are naturally free and endowed with unalienable rights.

Send a message to Congress and demand that action be taken to curb this horrendous abuse of power. We Americans must begin to stand up for our Bill of Rights before it’s too late.


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Stop the Snooping

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Obama Administration is currently overseeing the mass confiscation of private phone records. This practice is a gross violation of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the spirit of American justice.

I do not urge, but DEMAND immediate action be taken to curb this abuse of power. The government has no right to collect and store the private data of otherwise innocent Americans.

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