No Secret Debt Ceiling Hike

5.23.2013 McCain AA 2.jpgThey are at it again.

Democratic leadership and Obama-Republican John McCain have joined together to push through a hike in the nation’s debt ceiling. This time, they are attempting to sneak the increase in behind closed doors in committee – denying the will of the people to be heard.

Luckily, true conservatives like Sen. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are fighting against this deceitful scheme to enable nonstop spending. But they need your help.

We need to send a clear message: the nation’s debt ceiling will not be raised without proper debate. No more games with our country’s fiscal future.

Send a message to your Senators demanding they resist voting to raise the national debt ceiling behind America’s back.


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No Secret Deals on the Debt Ceiling!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Democratic leadership, with the help of Senator John McCain, are teaming up to raise the country's debt ceiling behind closed doors. This kind of secretive deal-making is despicable. The American people want a real, substantive debate on raising the country's borrowing limit.

The Senate is often called the world's greatest deliberative body. This backroom deal tarnishes its reputation and leaves the American people ashamed.

I urge you, as my Senator, to support debate and transparency. Don't vote for the backdoor debt ceiling hike.

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