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Rep. Barbara SearsRepublican Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears wants ObamaCare. Why would a Republican support this takeover? Because she stands to gain financially from it, of course!

Rep. Sears blocked the Health Care Freedom Act, a bill that would block ObamaCare in Ohio. Not only that, but she recently fought for and passed legislation that would help implement ObamaCare. She has received almost $1 million from health care companies for her campaigns, and is employed by an insurance company. 

We need to let Rep. Sears know that we the people are in charge, not special interests and campaign donors. 

Call Rep. Sears and tell her to stop blocking the Health Care Freedom Act. It deserves a vote by the people's representatives. 

This is done

Call Barbara Sears


Office Phone: (614) 466-1731


  Log a call to Barbara Sears's Office

Helpful Points:


ObamaCare will only harm Ohioans who need affordable health care.


Rep. Sears needs to focus on Ohio citizens, not rent-seeking insurance companies.


Rep. Sears should allow a vote on the Health Care Freedom Act and listen to the will of the people.