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children_learning1.jpgTexas Sen. Ted Cruz, in his keynote address at CPAC, declared that "education is too important to be controlled by bureaucrats in Washington, taking choices away from parents and kids...We need to champion school choice - the civil rights issue of the next generation."

School choice is not only the civil rights issue of the next generation, it's the issue of this generation. Currently the Texas legislature is sitting on multiple school choice bills. Excellent opportunities for children, such as SB 1575 and SB 2, are waiting in committee.

Grassroots activists must pressure Speaker Joe Straus and the members of the House and Senate Education committees to support school choice and push this legislation to the floor. Dial up these state officials and make your voice heard!

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Helpful Points:


This is a great opportunity to pass school choice in Texas.


School choice is the civil rights issue of our generation.


Will you stand with the bureaucrats in Washington or the kids in Texas?