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NFD pic.jpgThe New Fair Deal is here.  Following the principles of fair taxation, limited spending, and individual empowerment that define the American character, FreedomWorks' New Fair Deal is a series of legislation in Congress that will put the country back on the path of fiscal sustainability.

Eight representatives have joined with FreedomWorks to craft legislation based on the four pillars of The New Fair Deal. From ending crony capitalism to tax reform, these bills will soon be introduced and considered within the House of Representatives.

For weeks, these lawmakers have been carefully writing The New Fair Deal legislation based on your grassroots support.

Call The New Fair Deal legislators now to thank them for their efforts on behalf of our grassroots beliefs in freedom and individual choice. 

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Call Jeff Duncan


Office Phone: (202) 225-5301


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Call Jim Jordan


Office Phone: (202) 225-2676


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Call Doug Lamborn


Office Phone: (202) 225-4422


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Call Tom McClintock


Office Phone: (202) 225-2511


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Call Mick Mulvaney


Office Phone: (202) 225-5501


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Call Representative Mike Pompeo


Office Phone: (202) 225-6216


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Call Tom Price


Office Phone: (202) 225-4501


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Call Reid Ribble


Office Phone: (202) 225-5665


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Helpful Points:


I appreciate your writing of The New Fair Deal legislation.


A simple tax code and individual empowerment will boost economic growth.


It's time to return to America's founding principles.