jack lew.jpgBy tapping Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary, President Obama selected a tax-hiking, big-spending Washington insider with ties to corporate welfare. The Senate should vote against Jack Lew’s confirmation. He is wrong for the Treasury Department and wrong for America.

Lew’s record paints a dismal picture. He played a significant role in the failed 2011 debt ceiling negotiations – which resulted in a credit downgrade, a $2 trillion debt hike, and spending cuts that were promised but never materialized.

As head of the Office of Management and Budget, Lew was the primary architect of the 2011 and 2012 Obama budgets that infamously received zero votes in the Senate.

Lew has deflected blame for the Senate’s dereliction of duty – the simple act of passing a budget – by falsely claiming the Senate requires 60 votes to pass a budget.

And Lew has shady ties to crony capitalism – President Obama’s favorite pastime. Just four days after joining the Obama administration in 2009, he received a $945,000 bonus from Citigroup – the same Citigroup that received a $45 billion dollar taxpayer bailout from the Treasury Department in 2008.

Get on the phone with your senators and tell them to vote NO during Jack Lew’s confirmation hearing.

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Helpful Points:


Jack Lew played a key role in the debt ceiling debacle of 2011.


When Jack Lew was the head of the OMB, his budgets received zero votes in the U.S. Senate.


He has made factually-questionable comments in testimony before Congress.


Lew has proven to be a classic “revolving door” operator between business and government.