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House Speaker John Boehner is on the verge of yet another surrender to President Obama and the Progressive Agenda. Boehner is rounding up establishment Republicans, trying to force them to roll over and increase taxes.

In a matter of hours, Boehner will hold a vote on “Plan B.” Washington insiders are spinning this proposal as a thoughtful compromise, while it actually does nothing to address America’s fiscal crisis.

While Boehner’s “Plan B” would preserve income tax rates for many Americans, it still results in a net tax increase. Payroll taxes are set to increase on all workers. The estimated revenue from the tax increases will not make a dent in the national debt. Real spending cuts and entitlement reform are needed to get the country’s spending addiction under control.

Regardless of the inside-the-Beltway double-speak, Boehner’s “Plan B” is a tactic that will lead to a tax hike. The economy is still on the mend, and tax increases will only make a bad situation worse. Hardworking Americans need more take home pay; not less.

The vote is scheduled for tonight (12/20) at 7:30 PM EST. Call your representative now and tell them to oppose Boehner’s surrender! 

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Helpful Points:

-Tax rates should be preserved for all Americans.

-We need real spending cuts.

-Tax hikes only makes recessions worse.

-If Republicans cave this easily, no progress will ever be made in fixing America's fiscal woes.

-Conservatives were elected to the House of Representatives to stop Obama's big taxing agenda.