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Political corruption isn’t limited to Washington, DC.

Establishment Republicans may be using their political positions to get their kids into the prestigious University of Texas.

And who knows what strings they’re pulling to get those favors.

Right now, Texans are demanding answers about this potential scandal. But the investigation has been shut down. You deserve to know what role politicians like House Speaker Joe Straus and UT-Austin President William Powers played. But they want the issue to go away.

You deserve answers.

Call Governor Rick Perry’s office and demand a special investigation into the University of Texas scandal! Tell Perry to call in the Texas Rangers.

This is done

Call Governor Rick Perry


Office Phone: (512) 463-2000


  Log a call to Governor Rick Perry's Office

Helpful Points:

- Politicians like Speaker Joe Straus and UT President Bill Powers have been implicated in giving special favors to get politicians' kids into the prestigious UT School of Law.

- Allegations also include under-the-table payments to professors and administrators.

- Texans deserve a real investigation into this scandal. 

- Governor Perry must call in the Texas Rangers to investigate the UT scandal.