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Governor Mary Fallin can kick Common Core out of Oklahoma by signing HB 3399 into law.

This is a huge opportunity. Gov. Fallin can lead the nation in rejecting Common Core’s top-down standards.

Common Core standards were developed by special interests who want to line their pockets on the backs of America’s children.

Give Governor Fallin a call right now. Urge her to sign HB 3399 and kick Common Core out of Oklahoma!

This is done

Call Governor Mary Fallin


Office Phone: (405) 521-2342


  Log a call to Governor Mary Fallin's Office

Helpful Points:

- HB 3399 will kick Common Core out of Oklahoma.

- You can lead the country by rejecting the federal education takeover.

- Common Core is a federal, top-down education takeover that emphasizes standardized testing rather than real student learning and achievement.

- We need to empower local communities to run schools – not the federal government.

- Protect Oklahoma’s children by kicking Common Core out of the state!