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drobama.jpgTime is running out to nullify ObamaCare in South Carolina.

The State Senate may soon vote on stopping Obama's health care takeover. We only need a few more Republicans to support nullifying ObamaCare.

The State Senate must pass H 3101 with the Davis Amendment. Senator Tom Davis is leading the charge to stop ObamaCare.

This fight isn’t just about ObamaCare – it’s about the Constitution and federal overreach. If we win this battle, other states will follow South Carolina's lead, and ObamaCare will collapse.

Call your State Senator RIGHT NOW. Tell them to nullify ObamaCare!

Also make sure you call Senator Courson (803-212-6250) and Senator Hugh Leatherman (803-212-6640) and encourage them to stand with their Republican colleagues to nullify ObamaCare. Their support will guarantee success in nullifying ObamaCare. This is their chance to be champions for the grassroots of South Carolina!

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

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Helpful Points:


- Nullifying ObamaCare could start the process of blocking the law in other states.


- The South Carolina House already passed a bill to nullify ObamaCare, H 3101.

- There is an amendment by Senator Tom Davis that would make this bill airtight and would effectively neuter Obamacare in SC. This amendment must pass.

- If this bill passes with the Davis amendment, South Carolina would be the first state to carry the flag forward for ObamaCare nullification– similar bills have been introduced in several other states, but they need an example to follow.