syria aa.jpgThe United States government should not get involved in Syria’s civil war.

The public has spoken. In every poll a vast majority of Americans oppose war in Syria.

America has her own problems. ObamaCare, the national debt, high unemployment, NSA spying, and an upcoming debate over funding the government – it’s time to address the “red lines” here at home.

Americans don’t want this war, and America can’t afford this war.

Your Congressmen need to know that you don’t want a war in Syria.

Call them now and declare “No War in Syria.”

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Helpful Points:

- The President and Congress should focus on problems here at home.

- ObamaCare will soon be implemented, the national debt is nearing $17 trillion, government spending continues to grow, and there will soon be a fight over funding the government.

- Army Gen. Martin Dempsey estimates that the Syrian intervention will cost billions of dollars.

- There are “red lines” at home that must be addressed.