amash_amendment.jpgJustin Amash’s amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill will ensure that only those NSA’s searches that are authorized by a warrant receive funding. The amendment protects the rights of Americans under the Constitution.

This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue. This is constitutionally-limited government versus Big Brother.

The 4th Amendment must be upheld. Our founding fathers did not risk their lives and sacred honor so the government could spy on innocent citizens without a warrant.

Call your Representative right now and urge them to vote for Justin Amash’s amendment to H.R. 2397. The Bill of Rights must be protected.

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Helpful Points:


- Voting against Justin Amash’s amendment to H.R. 2397 is voting against the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.


- The right to be protected against warrantless search and seizure is an American value dating back to the beginning of the Republic.


- The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.