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kids learning.jpgLieutenant Governor Dan Forest has written a letter to the Department of Public Instruction asking important questions on the implementation of Common Core Standards.

Common Core is a national education curriculum that threatens to dumb-down education, take away local control, and collect data on every student and their families.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest has been a leading opponent of Common Core Standards. He understands why local communities and parents are better at governing schools.

Check out Dan Forest’s outstanding letter.

Call the Department of Public Instruction and urge the State Superintendent to read AND answer the Lt. Governor’s letter. North Carolinians want answers on why Common Core is being imposed on the state.

This is done

Call North Carolina Department of Public Instruction


Office Phone: (919) 807-3300


  Log a call to North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Office

Helpful Points:


- Lt. Governor Dan Forest's letter describes why Common Core is wrong for North Carolina.


- The Department of Public Instruction needs to read the Lieutenant Governor's letter and give the public answers.


- Common Core is a costly education takeover that threatens local schools.


- North Carolinians deserve answers on Common Core and what it means for education.